Finger fumbles and BRain BArfs

My bottom is now shaped like the chair in my office. My skin has the pallid look that comes from only the light reflected by my computer screen, and my fingers are having problems finding the keys needed for even simple words like ‘the’… The only ‘color’ about me is my little toe which has a tinge of purple…another story….I wonder what my brain looks like? Undoubtedly, it’s lost its former brain-like shape and has begun the transformation to mush…my grey matter is becoming grey matter…like oatmeal left out for a few days, sans the bubbling from fermentation. I fear my thought processes are no longer strong enough to manage even a few barfy bubbles.

I have reached the mile post of being 1/4 done with my mythology class (2 weeks). This is a good thing and bears witness to the knee jerk response and whatever the name of the phenomenon which describes how newly dead thing may still move… I guess if you just keep on, something happens, even if it’s not what you planned, mostly because you have no ability to actually plan anything anymore. 2 3/4 hours of sleep just isn’t getting it. I am on occasion marginally capable of limited memorization or at least rational reflective response, but the monumental mountain of murky mush being poured, ladled, and downright forcibly stuffed into my brain (see above) is causing my eyes to bulge out. Okay, not obvious to anyone else, but my glasses aren’t fitting all that well anymore and my peepers are crusty all day, so that must be the problem.

I had something happen yesterday that has not happened before in my recent scholarly existence: I didn’t get my homework turned in on time. I’m probably loosing points. Oh well. There’s always extra credit, and I earned some yesterday by telling a quick story in class. That’s not enough, but it’s a start. Then, of course, there’s the unit paper due on Tuesday. I’ve not even begun. I can regurgitate info…if there’s info inside me… but I feel empty.

With the supplements I consume daily, why isn’t there a mythology one?   It’s poor planning on someone’s part. I see a need for not only the myth one, but I envision a shelf of brain supplements (by type or discipline), math, chemistry, language, biology, English/language arts,  a variety of foreign languages, geography, history…etc… Just pop the pill and voila! It all becomes crystal clear. This pill would come in different strengths…from…daily (only needed for the exam tomorrow then never again) to weekly, monthly, and extended release which would last years with only a booster pill every decade or so. One would need to put something of the discipline into the brain…like attending class, reading, watching a documentary, etc., but everything experienced would line up logically and perfectly, and be completely accessible.

Ok, the PILL would naturally have side effects: weight loss, scalp hair, nail and eyelash growth, loss of other body hair, muscle firming and strengthening, bone repair, skin firming and radiance, and overall body sculpting. The degree of change would coincide with not only the length of time used, but also the strength of the supplement. Unfortunately, these side effects would be permanent, but one cannot complain…one must take the bad with the good.

In the mean time, I’m back to studying and getting a start on that paper…It’s not going to write itself…

I know, because I’mthemom


2 Responses to “Finger fumbles and BRain BArfs”

  1. ladystamper Says:

    I’m pretty sure if you take LSD all your problems will be solved. Watch “Unlimited” and you will see the proof. Not up to becoming a drug addict? Well then I suggest installing a soft pillow at the edge of your desk to bang you head against. Nobody wants to see you bruised…cause I said so.

  2. imthemom1 Says:

    Good advice there…thanks….off to find a pillow….

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